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Since November 2003, Ultimate One Chip microcircuits are used in all the models of "SOKOL" TV sets.

UOC microcircuits now are in all the models of "SOKOL" TV sets.

On the 11th of November, 2003, ""SOKOL" Consumer Electronics" commercial and industrial company announces modification of all "SOKOL" TV sets model lines. The modification is implemented as part of the planned transition to the usage of Ultimate One Chip (UOC) mono-crystal video processor.
Gradual transition to the usage of UOC microcircuits, started in February 2003, has entered its final stage: since the 11th of November, only UOC microcircuits will be used in all manufactured "SOKOL" TV sets. This transition caused modification of all "SOKOL" TV sets model lines.
"Classic", "Classic+" and "Optimum" model lines are integrated into one "Classic+" line marked :ТС 7162. The name "Classic+" is retained as the most appropriate to the concept of the new model line.

the out of production
model line
the new associated
model line
- 54 TC 7160
- 51 TC 7160
- 37 TC 7160

The two previous modifications of "Acoustic" line TV sets ( :ТС 7261 and :ТС7264) are integrated into one model line with the same name; the labeling of the models has changed to :ТС 7262.

the out of production
model line
the new associated
model line

UOC microcircuits manufactured by Philips Semiconductors are used in "SOKOL" TV sets. UOC microcircuits combine TV processor, master controller and teletext decoder in one package. Component integration leads to substantial increase of their reliability and hence improve TV set quality.
Fairchild power supply and Selteca KS-H-146 EA tuner with improved weak signal amplifier, tested on practice since July 2003, will be used in the models (these components were used in "Classic+" line).
TV sets of new modifications will be manufactured in black and silvery cabinets of their predecessors. Besides, "Classic+" models with 37 cm diagonal will be manufactured in blue and white cabinets.
Only "Classic+" line of the current model range will be included in "SOKOL" TV sets range in 2004: it will become the primary line of economy class in "SOKOL" TV sets, and its share in total sales in 2004 will comprise 37,7%. Production of "Acoustic" model line will be stopped from the 1st of January, 2004, due to obsolescence and wear of press molds. All the changes are made according to the established schedule of assortment renewal. In 2004, "SOKOL" TV sets range will be enlarged to 16 models (regardless of cabinet color).
Production of the previous models of TV sets is discontinued. Off-loading of the stock of these models is planned till the 1st of January, 2004.

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