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"SOKOL" television sets are manufactured at the plant of "Arsenal" Technical Company (TC) in the town of Alexandrov, Vladimir region. At the present time "Arsenal" TC is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of television equipment and special-purpose data display devices. In October 2002 the manufacturing was certified in compliance with ISO-9001 standard.
The complete production cycle of TV sets is implemented. Production process starts from the design of TV set circuit and software development. Basing on the results of these developments, orders for manufacturing of specialized chips are made; that is why "SOKOL" TV sets are distinguished for their original user menu graphics and feature set.
Only the best component parts produced by the leading foreign manufacturers are admitted for production. Samsung, Philips, Hitachi picture tubes, plastics for cabinets from British Petroleum. Among long-term vendors also are Matsushita, Thomson, Hitachi, Infineon, BASF companies.

Over 30 designers are engaged in new products development, many of them received training and probation at Samsung, Philips, Daewoo companies. Total number of employees at the enterprise is over 600. More than half a century of experience in production of electrotechnical and television devices in Alexandrov allows competent development and high-quality manufacturing of high-tech products according to the customer needs.
All the main processes at the plant are automated, allowing to minimize the influence of human factor. Notwithstanding the fact that the plant facilities are the most up-to-date in the industry branch, "Arsenal" TC is permanently enlarging production capacities, purchasing modern and high-performance equipment. In December 2002 construction of a new thermoplastics processing workshop having space 150 m2 was completed, construction of a new building having space over 30.000 m2 is under way.

Technical base of "Arsenal" TC consists of:
  • Fuji and Universal automatic assembly machines for mounting of axial and radial electronic components at printed circuit boards (PCB).
  • Ren Thang automatic machines for forming of radio components.
  • Zevatron and Seho&Hitachi conveyor lines for chassis assembly and soldering.
  • Juki and Zevatech automatic mounting devices of SMD-components.
  • BOSCH and Siemag conveyor lines for TV set assembly.
  • BOSCH conveyor line for DVD-players and LCD TFT monitors assembly.
  • Wangtat conveyor line for telephone sets and household appliances assembly.
  • MDA System test equipment.
  • Wisi test signals generation and transmittance system.
  • Kukusui punching machine.
  • Minolta system for automatic white balance.
  • Pantel+Broumser machines for manufacture of polyfoam packing with Siemens automatic control system and BOSCH hydraulics system.
  • 6 thermoplastics processing machines, including four 1000-ton capacity machines by Krauss Maffei and Sandretto.
  • Painting and tampon printing line.
  • Polygraphic printing line.
Stringent quality inspection is exercised at the plant. The checking routine includes over 60 positions regulated by state standards (GOST). Moreover, the General Designer has approved the program of additional inspection. The inspection is performed at each division by the quality inspector.

The manufacturing and technological complex includes:
  • PCB assembly
  • picture tubes adjustment
  • plastics cabinet molding
  • manufacturing of polyfoam packing and corrugated cardboard tare
  • final assembly, complex adjustment, electric run-through, testing and checking, packing and labeling of finished goods.
Manufacturing of all large cabinet parts and packing of finished goods is performed directly at the plant, minimizing transport expenses and cost of the product.

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