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the technology of the absolutely precise
and correct processing of SECAM signal

There are several TV transmission standards in the world. They are PAL, SECAM, NTSC, and some other. Unlike European and Oriental countries where the NTSC and PAL standards are used, all TV transmission in Russia is done under SECAM standard. Thus, the imported TV sets must have a number of decoders transforming NTSC or PAL signals into SECAM to work properly in Russia. However, any of such transformations adds errors and distortions, that is, downgrade the image.

To avoid this, a TV set must be made to receive SECAM signal so it does not have to convert it repeatedly from other standards and, instead, sends it directly from the tuner to the video processor. The design bureau of the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company strived to create a technology to achieve this. The result of this successful development was the appearance of the SECAM Precision technology. It is based on original circuitry and software, which assure the highly sensitive reception of signals and their passing to the video processor without any additional transformations, that is, without distortions. The company's developers studied everything the best there was in the world and chose the components that would best work with the software of choice and the concept of the new technology. This is why SOKOL TV sets built with the use of the SECAM Precision technology bring together the world's best components with the best developments in order to achieve the best possible image while working specifically in Russia.

While SOKOL TV sets are made to work under SECAM as the standard of choice, they can also assure the high quality reception of PAL and NTSC signals. This is necessary so that imported audio and video appliances may work with them faultlessly.

The SECAM Precision technology means a whole new approach to the processing of television signals. This is why images produced by SOKOL TV sets are ideal and never distorted or erred.

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