November 25, 2003
On the 25th of November, 2003, ""SOKOL" Consumer Electronics" commercial and industrial company starts sales of two models of "SOKOL" acoustic sets for home theatre.
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November 2003
Since November 2003, Ultimate One Chip microcircuits are used in all the models of "SOKOL" TV sets. More details

September 30, 2003
""SOKOL" Consumer Electronics" commercial and industrial company starts sales of two new "SOKOL" DVD-player models - S1311-K and S1412-K. More details

August 29, 2003
Since the 1st of September, 2003, the duration of free-of-charge after-sales service for "SOKOL" TV sets is 3 years! More details

April 15, 2003
On April 15, the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company and the Artemy Lebedev Studio held a joint press conference entitled "SOKOL: New Generation TV Sets". More details

February 3, 2003
The SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company announces the beginning of the production of TV sets of the "Acoustic" series with a single-crystal digital-bus-controlled video processor.
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February 2003
After the testing of a number of TV sets done at the laboratory of the Salon Audio Video magazine, the SOKOL 54TC6151SP television set received the "Salon Audio Video Recommends" award. More details

January 22, 2003
On January 22, 2003, the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company made public its results for the year 2002. More details

January 2003
In January 2003, the participants of the poll entitled The People of the Year 2002 conducted by the Rambler search system voted Dmitry Timanov, General Director of the SOKOL Consumer Electronics company the Man of the Year in the "Technology" category. The winners were selected through direct expert voting and Internet polling.

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