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  On April 2, 2002 trade and production Manufacturing and Commercial Company "Bytovaya electronica "SOKOL" convoked a press conference entitled Domestic TV manufacturer. Who is he? The press conference was held in the business center of Russian Chamber of Commerce. The conference was attended by representatives of the Russian Association of traders and manufacturers of consumer electronics and computer equipment and the President of the Association Mr. A.M. Pliatsevoi. At the conference the importance for the government to create the most favorable environment for domestic full-cycle manufacturers was stressed. Also discussed were cases of unfair competition between Russian and Belorussian TV manufacturers. Advantages of new SOKOL TV models and the company's future plans were among the items on the agenda.

April 2002. Manufacturing and Commercial Company "Bytovaya electronica "SOKOL" released to mass media an analytic report on current state of consumer electronics market in Russia. Analysis says in 2002 domestic TVs will account for 25 percent of sales. As of today, SOKOL is among the three leading TV manufacturers in this country. In 2002 SOKOL plans to boost production, to widen the model row, and to begin using new technological solutions.

On June 26, 2002, SOKOL's factory produced the 100,000th TV set. On a celebration meeting the Company's director congratulated the factory's administration and team with memorial gifts.

Manufacturing and Commercial Company "Bytovaya electronica "SOKOL" plans to attend annual Moscow Electronics Show on September 26-29 this year to be held in Triumph exhibition Hall in Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya. Along with new TV set models, recent circuit engineering solutions will be presented.

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