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The SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company Begins Producing TV Sets with a Single-Crystal Digital Video Processor

February 3, 2003. The SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company announces the beginning of the production of TV sets of the "Acoustic" series with a single-crystal digital-bus-controlled video processor.

Working on its project for the improvement of technologies used in the production of SOKOL TV sets, the design bureau of the SOKOL company has completed testing a single-crystal video processor made on the basis of the UOC (Ultimate One Chip) technology. The tests showed the obvious advantages of the new processor. The company will gradually, over the year 2003, switch to using UOC chips in all SOKOL TV sets. "Acoustic" is the first model line to undergo this change.

SOKOL TV sets will be built around video processors based on third generation integrated circuits of the One Chip Television family produced by Philips Semiconductors. UOC is the world's first integrated circuit with a full set of TV functions. It combines BiMOS and CMOS technologies for the complete processing of video signals and includes, in one, a TV-text decoder working under all world's transmitting standards and an 80C51 processor core with an extended set of functions.

Because it represents an innovational combination of technologies, the Ultimate One Chip allows cutting the cost of production practically during every stage of manufacturing, from designing to the outputting ready products. First of all, the cost of components is cut significantly because video processor and control processor now come in one unit. Secondly, the time of development shortens, because there is only one chassis. Besides, the integration of microcircuits significantly reduces the number of peripheral components. The typical implementation of the UOC microchip requires much fewer resistors, condensers, diodes, transistors, and other components than previously. The reduced number of components simplifies the development, allows using smaller printed boards, and assures the higher overall reliability of the system.

Microchips of the UOC family do not require any potentiometers. This means that previously manual adjustments now may become automatic, which cuts conveyer time even more. Software is burned into memory with the use of the Walker improved technology. Power consumption is reduced in both stand-by and operating modes.

The new UOC microchip family also includes a multi-system stereo decoder with a sound processor. All sound processing is done inside the digital chip, which has built-in flash memory allowing for fast endogenous (ISP) loading and reloading, which can be done over a 12C bus.

By the beginning of the fall-winter season, all SOKOL TV models will be built with the use of the new technology.

At this time, TV sets of the "Acoustic" series are produced in two modifications, TC6151 and TC7261.

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