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We work with the aim to give everyone in Russia the opportunity of buying reliable audio and video appliances at reasonable prices. We are responsible to consumers for the quality of our products. Where quality is concerned, our strategic objective is to prove that a Russian company can produce high quality electronics capable of competing with foreign models. We are constantly trying to lower the cost of production in order to make retail prices affordable for anyone in our country.

We are trying to provide high quality product servicing to the purchases of SOKOL electronics. Anyone who buys our products, at the time of the purchase and later on, must be sure that we care and are responsible for what we make. Our sales and servicing policies are consumer-protection-oriented.

We are trying to create mutually beneficial relationships with SOKOL dealers. Our work with partners is based on trust, respect, and the freedom of choice. The observance of these principles is a good foundation for long-term relationships, which are essential for success in business. Our dealers are entitled to efficient and quick ordering and speedy delivery. Such relations of partnership must be beneficial for the businesses of our partners and assure the financial wellbeing they deserve.

We are trying to make sure that we have only the best professionals on our team and create optimal working conditions for them. We do everything possible to make sure our team is strong and every employee can find help and support. Relations inside our company are based on common objectives and mutual trust and respect. In their work, all the members of our team follow company standards, which is critical for creating the ethics of relationships and clear-cut working algorithms. Every employee is guaranteed a just compensation for his or her efforts and a chance to realise and further develop his or her potential. We fully appreciate the moral and business qualities of every member of our team and respect their initiatives and suggestions. We want our employees to prosper in every way so they may be satisfied and effective.

Out work must also be financially rewarding for our stockholders and justify their trust and financial investments.

We also try to be socially responsible and to make sure our work is beneficial for our country. We believe that doing charity and paying taxes are our duty. We know that we must contribute to the discussions of socially significant issues and to legislative process. The creation of civilised forms of business will assure the prosperity of Russia and high living standards for our citizens.

We believe in restoring the intellectual ant technological potentials of our country and will contribute to it in every way. We are constantly trying to introduce new technological ideas and developments and use world-wide experiences in the field of electronics, while developing our own scientific research. This is the only way to restore our domestic industry and become respected members of the world's business community. We do everything we can to contribute to the restoration of the industrial might and prosperity of Russia.

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