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Q: What TV tubes are used in the SOKOL sets?

A: High contrast flat TV tubes made by such well-known producers as Matsushita, Thomson, Samsung, Hitachi, and Toshiba. They allow reducing interference and distortions and give viewers an impression of three-dimensional image.

Q: Where are these TV sets made?

A: SOKOL TV sets are made at the Arsenal plant in the town of Alexandrov, the Vladimir Region. The engineers of the Arsenal business company strived to create a classical full-cycle manufacturing for the mass production of high quality products. The company never intended to simply have low qualification workers assemble items made someplace else.

Q: What components are used in the SOKOL TV sets?

A: All the components used in the production of the TV sets are imported. The video processor of the latest generation produced by the Philips corporation controls reception and image generation. A single-module microchip command processor made by the Siemens company is responsible for a multitude of operations, allowing for a large set of user-oriented functions, such as Child Lock, some of which are available not in just any expensive model.

Q: How long is the warranty term?

A: Your TV set is warranted for two years from the day you purchase it from a retailer. At this time, there is a network of warranty repair shops in large cities throughout Russia.

Q: What makes these TV sets so special?

A: The television sets are made with the use of advanced digital technologies. The digital frequency generator, tuner allows automatic tuning onto and sorting every TV channel within the zone of reception. The sets also feature built-in games, such as Viktorina, which allows users to study English and expand their vocabularies. The popular Battle at Sea and Solitaire games will be your free-time companions.
Child Lock will block controls on your set's front panel. COKOL TV sets allow watching programmes transmitted according to various standards, such as PAL, SECAM, NTSC-AV. Automatic sound control will suppress sharp increases in volume during commercials. The sets also feature convenient Russian language menus developed by the company's professionals and Russian language remote control.

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