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September 30, 2003 The ""SOKOL" Consumer Electronics" commercial and industrial company starts sales of two new "SOKOL" DVD-player models - S1311-K and S1412-K.

The new DVD-players are distinguished from the previous models by the new menu and new components base. The previous DVD line was based on ESS chipset; the new line - on AMLogic chipset. It is regarded as up-to-date and advanced. It allows reading of all disk formats more reliably and prevents suspending of the device while reading the disks with problems.

The reproducible disk formats: DVD/ SVCD/ CVD/ DVCD/ VCD1.0/ VCD1.1/ VCD2.0/ MP-3/ CD-I/ CD-DA/ CD-R/ CD.

"SOKOL" DVD-players feature built-in digital sound decoder capable to identify both Dolby Digital as well as DTS formats. Also provided are digital outputs (optical and coaxial) for connecting to external decoder; video outputs - component, S-Video and composite.

Audio outputs: stereo output, digital optical, digital coaxial, 5.1 channel audio output.
Audio inputs: 2 inputs for microphone. Among the most recent AV-effects, digital Karaoke with echo effects is worth mentioning. Digital ZOOM of the image is provided.

Convenient for users are: information menu in the Russian language; marker system, allowing to mark the moments of the film desired to be replayed later; programmable sequence of track reproduction; replay of the selected section. Besides, built-in protection against viewing of undesired disks by children is provided.

"SOKOL" DVD-players are available in cabinets of silvery color, dimensions: DVD S1311-K - 430 mm х 55 mm, DVD S-1412K - 430 mm х 48 mm.

The gift for each buyer of DVD-player - a microphone for KARAOKE singing.

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