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After the testing of a number of TV sets done at the laboratory of the Salon Audio Video magazine, the SOKOL 54TC6151SP television set received the "Salon Audio Video Recommends" award.

SOKOL 54TC6151SP Television Set

Certificate. The SOKOL set with a slightly convex screen is in no way inferior to the flat-screen 54TC6100T model, which was awarded our Recommendation last year. It features the "window-in-a-window" function, although without the use of another tuner. However, if you have a video cassette recorder, you, as if, have two TV sets in one. In the smaller window, you can have a picture transmitted on another channel while listening to its sound through a headset. The tuner with a frequency generator and 60-channel memory works under PAL/SECAM and BG/DK/I standards as well as under NTSC - in the "Video" mode. Sound is also rich. There are dual audio fidelity controls, the suppression of commercial volume, separate headphones control and audio input controls. Besides SCART audio inputs, there are also RCA jacks, which is an added convenience. There are TV-text feature, internal clock, on and off timers, and also snooze timer that can be set for between 10 minutes and two hours. The built-in clock can be set either manually or automatically, by the TV-text signals. There is a number of built-in games, Viktorina, Battle at Sea, and Solitaire. There is, finally, a Child Lock.

Face controls. A solid black rectangular housing with slightly rounded corners inspires respect. Five small round manual control buttons allow managing your set without remote control. The remote control panel is also black and has large buttons of various shapes. As an added value, everything written on it is in Russian, unlike in the other tested models.

Turning it on. The menu is finely decorated with good-looking frames and blending colours. Control and tuning are done in a classical manner, with 6 second level submenus. Before the TV set allows you to begin automatic tuning, it will nicely warn you about the loss of all the previous settings. To prevent this, you should begin tuning with the last programme you tuned into. After that, you do sound adjustments using remote control and the programmes are sorted in a usual way. The menu offers you 7 image modes: standard, video, soft, nature, cinema, sports, and show, so you will not have to do any manual adjustments. In the "Sound" submenu, you adjust headset volume, stereo balance and timbres, and switch on one of the special effects: pseudo-stereo, stereo+00%, stereo+30% or stereo+50%. In the window-in-a-window mode, you can choose signal source (TV, Video1 or Video2). You can choose the substitution of the secondary image for the primary one or the other way around, a place for the second image on your screen, and stop-frame for the window.

Evaluation. The image sensitivity of the 54TC6151SP proved rather high. For instance, it is 25 microvolt under PAL standard and 32 microvolt under SECAM. However, sound sensitivity in this set is very low, just 141 microvolt. In the meantime, under D/K standard, it is twice as high, 56 microvolt. The TV tube was evaluated according to test tables. It proved to be of high quality, has great geometry, pure colours, beam convergence, dot matrix centring, and high resolution. There are good deep enough brightness and contrast controls and the stabilisation of power modes. There are small complaints about the quality of signal processing. Colour gradations are not all that clear, the grey scale has a pinkish or greenish coloration of the centre bars, there is a coloration of the zone plate, and the fine net flickers.

The sound of the new SOKOL set charmed testers with its clearness and naturalness. This may be the effect of the massive back lid or the speakers may be well-attached to the housing, who knows. However, both low and high frequencies are reproduced very well. Regardless of the volume, low or high, the sound is clear and without any distortions.

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