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SOKOL TV sets appeared on the market in the year 2000. They were made at a full-cycle manufacturing plant with the use of components from the world's leading producers. The principal objective of the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company is making reliable Russian Appliances for Russia. This means the guaranteed quality of production, prices affordable to anyone in Russia, and high quality servicing. According to Dmitry Timanov, General Director of the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company, "We not only can but we also must produce high-quality Russian electronics capable of competing with foreign makes. This is the only way of restoring domestic industry and the intellectual potential of the country".

The company's market policies are civilised-business-oriented. Our business principles are trust, respect, and the freedom of choice. the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company strives for informational openness and the creation of an atmosphere of friendly cooperation with its partners.

The company actively participates in discussing the urgent issues of the economic development of the country. In 2002, the SOKOL Consumer Electronics Company became a member of the Association of Traders in and Producers of Household Electrical Appliances and Computers (RATEC) and the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists.

The History

The beginning of SOKOL electronics dates back to the 1970s when compact transistor radios of this brand name were very popular. The plant produced tens of thousands of radios each year, which was a gigantic figure for Russia, at the time. In the year 2000, the SOKOL brand name reappeared. The first items to be sold now were sixth generation TV sets. The rebirth of this domestic brand name was symbolic of the succession of generations and of the wish to see our country's producers among world leaders.

August 2, 2000: The first SOKOL TV sets appeared on the market. The initial objective was creating a technological basis and domestic know-how and choosing the right suppliers.
January 2001: The first experimental batch of 1000 TV sets was output. The sets were sold within 2 months without any consumer incentive campaign.
May 2001: The second batch of 14,000 TV sets appeared in stores. Most of the sets, 90%, were sold in Russia's regions.
August 2001: The mass production of SOKOL TV sets began. By the end of the year, 16,000 television sets were sold, 12% of them - in Moscow and 88% - through regional retailers.
January 2002: Centres officially authorized to service SOKOL electronics appeared in the majority of Russia's large cities.
March 2002: The 100,000th TV set was produced and solemnly presented to the Governor of the Vladimir Region.
April 2002: The first flat screen Lux 54TC6100 TV sets were sold.
February 2003: The beginning of the use of single-crystal digital video processor in SOKOL TV sets.

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